Congratulations to the Dogs of NYC

Congratulations to the dogs of NYC who braved the winter weather of 2015!

I’m proud of all the dogs I see out walking on those bitter cold days, dressed in heavy coats and paw guards/ booties. I’m inspired by all the dogs I see out walking on those days where snow, slush, and ice melt salt take over the sidewalks and our clothing. Even on some of the worse days of the winter, I saw dogs still smiling and undefeated by the challenging sidewalk conditions. Some of the dogs I walk have amazing “paw-work” when it comes to dodging snow mounds or jumping in them, kicking up ice or running in place on it, hurdling salt piles and tip-toeing in booties.

I’m thankful for the dogs of NYC’s folks who walk them at night daily. :)
I’m thankful for the doormen and staff in the buildings of NYC who help keep the dogs safe and comfortable on days where the weather can be overwhelming.
I’m thankful for all the great people that uplift and cheer up the dogs of NYC as they walk outside in painful weather. Your’e all awesome and important!

The weather is getting nicer for dog walking day by day. It’s a great time of year for long walks and exercise for dogs. Not too hot and not too cold. There is not a snow mound around. The salt ice melt has vanished. The slush and mud has drained away. The sun is shining warmer and for longer, so ……
Thank You Dogs of NYC, friends, folks, and the people of NYC…
I wish you all a refreshing and pleasant Spring.