Josie and Addison

Introducing Street Paws

Hello, my name is Addison Bernstein.  Dog and Cat lover and life-long New York resident.   I’m a professional New York City Dog Walker with 5 years of experience in Manhattan.  I started Street Paws LLC in 2013 to reach out to more dogs and people in a professional manner.  I’ve been walking dogs and visiting cats on the West side of Manhattan for 5 years.

Isabel and Addison Running

I offer  a positive, healthy,  personal, and stress-free dog walking service in my favorite areas of Manhattan, the 30’s – the 70’s from the West Side to 5th Ave.

I worked for a dog boarding and daycare facility when I was younger, where I learned about dogs of different breeds, ages, sizes, and conditions. At first I liked it until I noticed too many dogs in too little a space. Dogs were chaotic and most unhappy.  It became a stressful and negative atmosphere daily. The relief was when I was told to take 4 dogs out and walk them around the block then back. I took great pride and joy in this, but found the dogs were not being paired together well, or treated well, or being watched well enough.  I left one of the best facilities in Manhattan out of disapproval because the business seemed cruel. This made me realize I loved dogs and need to work with or for them.

I had always dreamed of being a dog walker so I pursued it to the fullest.  Initially, I worked for an independent small business in the Upper East Side 70’s where I learned a lot about a variety of dog breeds, punctuality, and communication. I then worked for a larger and very professional company where I was able to fine-tune my skills.  I was given a great route with awesome dogs and cat visits.  I learned the west side area inside and out and got to see it every single day for three years straight. I learned how to handle large lists of tasks and  had multiple responsibilities.  I learned how to be outside all day all year and with dogs.  I tuned my body to dog walker, walking miles every day, with dedication and the idea I’m doing a positive thing.

I have met many dogs and people that I built strong caring relationships with.  This is what I am all about.

Isabel and Addison taking a break

I find ways to work towards solutions to dog related problems such as anxiety, destructive behavior, pulling, jumping on people,  urinating in elevators and lobbies, and more. I worked with dogs who were paralyzed and sick from many different situations.  I have worked with senior citizens and their pets.

There is more to know than just walking a dog in NYC to be a great walker. I try to be resourceful, uplifting, and helping. I believe the areas I service in Manhattan are great for having a dog if you know the right spots.  I have spots to skateboard and run dogs and play fetch.  I have other dogs for new dogs to meet and friends all over the area.  Dog culture is growing in the city and I feel very lucky to be a part of it.

My  connection to dogs and my understanding of them is very strong.  My connection to NYC and my passion for it is very strong.  I have been around dogs my entire life.  I grew up with a Borzoi, a rescued Black Lab Mix, and a few cats.  I love dog and cat related art, jokes, quotes, and philosophy. I learn constantly about breeds, diseases, and dog related situations.  They push me to go faster sometimes and vice versa.  My time with dogs is never dull. They enjoy me and I enjoy them. I have many dog and cat friends in the area and I ‘m looking forward to meeting more who find Street Paws.